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Best Use of Breast Fillets Affected by Growth-Related Myopathies

Changing Broiler Genetics

Boneless, skinless poultry breast meat has continued to grow in popularity over the last decades. The great taste and cooking convenience make it an obvious choice for worldwide customers regardless of cultural and religious affiliation. The popularity of breast meat has greatly influenced broiler genetics as breeding has focused on maximizing breast yield. However, there is a clear relationship between growth rate and breast yield, and increasing abnormalities in breast quality. The selection for increased growth rate and breast yield causes remarkable implications on the muscle structure resulting in textural meat defects.

Meat Abnormalities

Growth-related muscular abnormalities include white striping, wooden breasts and spaghetti meat causing serious negative implications such as lower nutritional value and bad meat appearance. These meat abnormalities give rise to costly downgrades and yield losses in poultry processing. However, the breast meat is not uniformly affected by abnormalities. Severe histopathological lesions will normally affect the superficial breast section while the lesions in the deep muscle section will be moderate. Thus, the poultry processor can consider slicing breast fillets affected by histopathological lesions in order to separate superficial and deep layers and thereby avoid downgrading the entire fillet.

Turn the Affected Meat into Quality Products

Furthermore, the processor can prepare the affected meat for further processed products, e.g. nuggets, sausages, cold cuts, etc. Mixing afflicted breast meat with ‘normal’ meat in minced/emulsified products can be a profitable alternative use for meat affected by growth-related myopathies.

Prepare the Meat for Further Processing

BAADERING is an internationally recognized process of separating soft and solid components while maintaining quality. Soft particles are separated from hard ones by using a squeezing belt and a perforated drum. The BAADERING technology can help you prepare meat for further processed products and maximize the profit of meat affected by histopathological lesions.

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