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Long-Term Partnership with our Chinese Customers

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CIMIE 2022

17 - 19 November 2022
Quingdao, China
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For more than 25 years, we have served the Chinese poultry processing market, but never have we seen such a rapid development among customers, and we have more to look forward to; processing line speeds are accelerating, automation levels are escalating and new digital solutions are implemented to protect profitability.

We are ready to help our customers to be one step ahead of the changing demands, and we encourage you to visit our booth at CIMIE2022 to discuss the future of Chinese poultry processing.

These are the solutions we show case:

UniLoad Live Bird Handling

If you want to implement an efficient live bird handling system that protects your intake quality, UniLoad is the market leading solution that will meet all your requirements. Join our local specialists at CIMIE 2022 and get a thorough analysis of what the system can do for your product quality and plant profitability.

High Performing Evisceration – also for Native Bird Processors

Flexibility to process varying bird sizes and shapes is a prerequisite for high product quality and minimized cross-contamination levels during production. We offer automatic evisceration equipment suitable for all line speeds and varying bird characteristics. If you visit our booth, you can see how our two Eviscerators work. The Eviscerator 210 is especially efficient when processing native breeds, while the Eviscerator 218 is our high-speed solution that can prepare the giblet pack for both semi-automatic and fully automatic harvesting of all edible parts.
Breast Cap Deboner

New Breast Cap Deboner

We have experienced worldwide interest in our new Breast Cap Deboner 660A as the labour savings are significant and quality is unmatched. Come and learn about the high fillet quality and the variety of fillet products that this machine is capable of producing.
Baadering maschine

Refiner Technology

BAADERING is an internationally recognized process of separating soft and solid components. Soft particles are separated from hard ones by using a squeezing belt and a perforated drum. The material is handled with less stress; this guaran- tees the best quality of the final product. Let us tell you much more about the Refiner Technology during the exhibition.

Let's meet

BAADER processing experts and sales contacts will be available at the booth to explain all the details about the featured equipment. We can schedule a meeting in advance.