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Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

Protect animal welfare and product quality

Gentle Bird Stunning

Today, the use of Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) is increasing worldwide to protect animal welfare,  meat quality and workers’ welfare. The gentle induction to unconsciousness significantly reduces bird stress and improves workers’ comfort during shackling.

stunned chicken

Soft Induction to Unconsciousness

By gradually exposing the birds to higher CO2 levels you achieve a gentle and controlled stunning process. We offer two CAS systems that in their own way ensure a smooth induction phase and effectively stun the birds to minimize animal discomfort.

Poultry meat deliciously arranged on a plate with spices

Protect Meat Quality

Stunning largely influences carcass and meat quality. Controlled Atmosphere Stunning causes minimal muscle haemorrhaging and wing flapping, thereby maintaining a consistently good meat quality.

Chicken hanging upside down on shackles

Improve Workers’ Welfare

When birds are stunned prior to shackling, the workers’ comfort in the shackling area is increased considerably. Uncomfortable wing flapping and associated dust and dirt are completely avoided, and shackling can be performed in a fully lit area. Additionally, the noise level is lower as the birds are unconscious. Increased workers’ welfare reduces labour turnover rate.

CAS Systems

CAS Pit System

CAS Pit System

Below ground CAS system designed for UniLoad drawers

Above Ground CAS

Above Ground CAS

Dual-lane CAS tunnel designed for drawers and crates.

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