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Whole Bird Distribution

Intelligent use of each bird

Effective Use of Ressources

Poultry processors can derive competitive advantages by embracing sustainability as part of their business. Optimizing the value of each live bird while minimizing the resources used through the whole process is one of our approaches to sustainability. We design our processing solutions to enable intelligent distribution based on individual bird weight and quality. The automation of the assessment allows for higher line  speeds, removes human errors from the process and ensures accuracy every step of the way.

Chicken carcasses hanging upside down on wheel elements

In-line Weight Capture

When you serve different markets, the weight of each bird should determine its purpose. Specific weight ranges suit certain processes and a best-fit product allocation will determine your ability to meet daily sales orders and optimize profitability. Accurate, in-line weighing is a prerequisite for appropriate whole bird distribution.

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Vision-based Quality Grading

Automatic, vision-based defect detection ensures a consistent and objective quality determination as no human interface is needed during the classification. Together with the whole bird weight, quality grade should be used to decide on the best-fit product use. Moreover, by monitoring increases in defects you can activate upstream processing adjustments and reduce further downgrades.

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Camera in close-up for quality grading
Chicken carcass hanging on shackles. Below are drawers with chicken

Fast and Intelligent Product Distribution

Our sophisticated production management software uses both quality grade and whole bird weight to determine the best-suited distribution of each bird to downstream processes: whole bird packing, cut-up, deboning, retail or food service. In addition to weight and quality, the software takes line capacities and production orders into account before sending the bird to downstream processes.

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Distribution Solutions

Vision Camera


Vision system designed to detect quality defects on the whole bird and assign a quality grade.

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Buffer Transfer 138

Buffer Transfer 138

Selectively transfers whole birds from the distribution line to whole bird packing or cut-up systems.

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Weigh Transfer 520

Weigh Transfer 520

Efficient whole bird transfer and weight capture.

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