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Selective Transfer from the Distribution Line

Buffer Transfer 138

Selecting Whole Birds for Further Processing

The Buffer Transfer 138 automatically transfers birds from the distribution line to either whole bird packing or cut-up. The birds are selected and transferred based on their individual weight and quality grade or a combination of both.

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  • Selectively transfers from a high-speed distribution line to cut-up lines running at a lower speed
  • Uses individual bird weight and quality as sorting criteria
  • Transfer rate over 98% – carrier segments in clip system for better grip
  • Easy set-up and machine control on touchscreen
  • Option: drop one-leg-hangers before entering the cut-up line
  • Low maintenance – first shaft transfer by servo motor

Several shackles mounted on Cut-Up machine

Full Use of Your Cut-up Line

The buffer principle enables the Buffer Transfer 138 to handle the difference in line speed between the cut-up line and the distribution line, and to provide a constant bird flow to the cut-up line ensuring full line utilization.

The Buffer Principle

When a selected bird arrives at the transfer point on the buffer wheel, a pushing device gently releases the bird from the distribution shackle and transfers it to an empty buffer carrier where birds accumulate on the buffer wheel before being transferred to the outlet wheel. On the outlet wheel, distance and pitch between birds are adjusted to fit the cut-up shackle.

Chicken carcass hangs on buffer wheel

Buffer Transfer 138 Overview

An overview image of the Buffer Transfer 138
  1. Distribition line inlet
  2. Not selected birds outlet
  3. Buffer Wheel for selected birds
  4. Selected birds to cut-up line

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