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Fast and Accurate Whole Product Weighing

TrueWeigher 707

Static Weighing for Highest Accuracy

Faster line speeds require faster product weighing without compromising weight accuracy. The TrueWeigher 707 uses a static weighing principle to achieve the highest in-line weighing accuracy and allow processors to allocate whole products to the most suitable downstream destination. Accuracy is the key to correct decision-making.

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  • Accurate in-line weight capture after water chilling
  • High processing speeds up to 15,000 birds per hour
  • Provides accurate input for best downstream product distribution
  • Can be installed together with the ClassifEYE® 2.0 vision system to combine weight and quality data for distribution purposes
  • Allows for +/- 750g flock variation within the same machine set up
  • Each product is weighed on its own load cell
  • Very robust and reliable digital load cells – 1000% over-load protection
  • Products are weighed and distributed in standard two-leg shackles

Several shackles mounted on Cut-Up machine

Weighing after Water Chilling

The TrueWeigher 707 is installed on the distribution line after water chilling and manual rehanging. This in-line weighing machine captures the individual whole product weight in order to optimize downstream distribution – optionally together with individual quality grade and buffer transfer. After weighing, the products can be sorted into whole product drop-off and/or cut-up. The TrueWeigher 707 works together with the BAADER production software that controls the distribution process.

Unique Weighing Principle

The machine operates with a static weighing principle that allows for an accuracy better than ± 0.25%, even at high line speeds. The weighing shaft is equipped with several weighing units, each with a digital weigh cell connected to a weighing computer. Every product is weighed on its own load cell without interference from the chain, shackle or trolley. Zero-taring is performed after each weighing cycle to maintain the highest weighing accuracy throughout the production day.

Chicken carcass hangs on buffer wheel

Easy Control of the Weighing Process

The TrueWeigher 707 is controlled by an office-located weighing computer that provides the operator with performance data for monitoring purposes such as system status, shackle counts, alarm history, etc. It allows the operator to easily set up key parameters and perform various tasks, e.g. calibration. Optionally, a touch screen mounted on the machine (HMI) can give control directly from the plant floor.

Machine Overview

An overview image of the Buffer Transfer 138

1. Distribution line after water chilling

2. Static weighing of each product

3. Outlet to product distribution

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