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Automatic Evisceration

Consistently high pack removal performance

Prepare A-grade Products for Consumption

The evisceration process is the very heart of any poultry processing plant. The process has two basic purposes: produce an A-grade bird and harvest the giblet pack for further processing and packing. Our evisceration equipment, which includes several machines each performing a specific operation, is designed to safeguard quality and reduce manual labour while processing at high speed.

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Automatic High-speed Evisceration

Higher line capacities allow for production increase and greater profit opportunities. BAADER offers fully automatic evisceration equipment capable of processing at high speed. Even at high speed, our main focus is carcass quality and food safety.

Keep Your Poultry Production Flexible

Your poultry production needs to be just as flexible as the market you operate in. Our evisceration equipment is highly adjustable and allows you to process varying flock sizes. It also tolerates size variations within the flocks and breeds being processed.

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High Degree of Machine Safety

Automation and high line speed place great demands on the security around the machines. Our CE certified machines are equipped with safety features that will help you meet the most demanding safety requirements worldwide.

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Easy Machine Maintenance

Our evisceration machines are not only simple and easy to operate and adjust; they are also easy to maintain and clean. In the design, we have focused on minimizing lubrication points, implementing easy-release units and using service-friendly bearing constructions. Thereby, we optimize machine uptime and facilitate maintenance and access for cleaning.


Our vent cutters effectively remove the vent from the chicken through a circular cut around the vent opening. During cutting, the birds are firmly positioned to perform accurate cutting. An improperly adjusted venting machine can cause damage to the intestines, causing faecal material to contaminate the carcass during evisceration. To ensure correct cutting, our vent cutters are equipped with adjustment features that will ensure correct product positioning regardless of size.


After vent cutting, the opener cuts the abdominal skin from the vent opening to the tip of the breastbone, thereby creating the opening for the subsequent evisceration machine. Again, correct product positioning is key to avoid damaging the intestines or opening the skin too much and leaving the breast meat uncovered.


After venting and opening, the automatic eviscerator must effectively remove the intestines and viscera package without damaging the organs or the intestines. We offer three types of eviscerators.


After evisceration, the Cropper removes the crop and the windpipe attached to the neck of the bird by introducing a cropping probe into the bird’s cavity.

Final Inspection and Neck Breaking

A final removal of possible lung tissue and other residues inside the carcass cavity is performed to ensure a clean product. The combination of final control and neck breaking allows for efficient neck bone removal by breaking the neck bone and pulling it out, while leaving the neck skin attached.


Washing the carcass inside and on the skin surface after evisceration reduces both residuals and bacterial populations on the product. Water nozzles enter the carcass to clean it inside while water jets wash the skin surface.

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