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Fast Freezing

Protect quality and shelf life

Meet the Changing Consumer Demands

Consumers worldwide look for convenience in their daily lives, and frozen ready-to-eat products are increasingly perceived as being equally nutritious as fresh chicken meat. The frozen meat market is therefore rapidly growing. Individually frozen poultry products, fresh or marinated, meet the changing consumption habits and are ideal for households and commercial caterers alike.

Benefit from Extensive Freezing Knowledge

SKAGINN 3X is a member of BAADER and an innovative producer of high-tech processing systems for the global food processing industry. Together, we offer IQF solutions that fit the requirements of poultry processors focusing on fast freezing and high product quality. The SKAGINN 3X experts have extensive knowledge of freezing technology and will offer you a solution that will fit your business.

First-Class Frozen Poultry Products

To ensure first-class quality products, speed and temperature are everything. The faster the freezing, the higher the meat structure integrity due to less muscle cell rupture. On the other hand, slow freezing will cause a greater drip loss from thawing and a larger loss of nitrogenous constituents. In other words, rapid freezing preserves the integrity of muscle proteins to a greater extent than slow freezing. Properly processed and frozen, poultry meat will stay delicious, nutritious and safe until it reaches the point of consumption.

IQF Freezing:

  • Less muscle cell rupture
  • Less colour degradation
  • Limited moisture and weight loss
  • Minimized outgrowth of bacteria
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Integrated Crust Freezing

The IQF Freezers integrate crust-freezing and full-freezing in one machine thereby reducing the overall solution footprint. Equipped with a Teflon-coated aluminium crust freezing belt, the IQF freezer quickly seals the product’s surface and ensures a nice product appearance with virtually no belt marks. Subsequently, several layers of conveyors inside the freezer cabinet are used to reach the optimal freezing point. The crust protects the product and makes sure it retains its shape when moved from the crust freezing conveyor onto the full freezing conveyor below. The result is a high-quality product, efficiently frozen to the core.

Configurable Freezing Solutions

The IQF Tunnel Freezers come in both single and multi-lane configurations. The freezers are configurable in belt length and width to fit product outlet positioning. The multi-lane freezer can handle various product types and sizes and will ensure correct freezing for each poultry part.

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