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Scalding with Powerful Water Agitation

AirJet Scalder 1050

Fast Immersion into Hot Water

In the AirJet 1050, birds are immersed into hot water to loosen the feathers before picking. Air is used to agitate the water, which effectively reduces the water density and causes the product to immerse. Heating panels connected to hot water or steam heat the water inside the scalding tank.

Airjet Scalder 1050


  • Fast and efficient heat transfer to the follicles to loosen feathers
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Multi-tank counter-flow principle
  • Real-time control and monitoring
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Automatic pasteurization cycle
  • Precise water level control system
  • One-click start function and programmable water heating
Air blowers connected to nozzles installed lengthwise at the bottom of a tank powerfully agitating water

Powerful Water Agitation

Air blowers connected to nozzles installed lengthwise at the bottom of the tank powerfully agitate the water to promote effective ruffling of the feathers and enhance a good heat transfer rate to the follicles. Deep water penetration improves the scalding efficiency and the subsequent picking process.

Monitor the Scalding Process Status

The AirJet 1050 is delivered with an operator touch panel that gives easy access to temperature settings, and the start and stop functions. A timer function allows for the daily production start-up to be programmed. The water temperature is easily controlled on the touchpanel, and sensors indicate through alarms if the temperature deviates from set points.

A hall with airjet scalder machine
Large doors revealing the inside

Ensure a Hygienic Scalding Process

Large doors are placed on each side of the scalder to allow for easy access during cleaning and maintenance. Automatic pasteurization reduces the bacterial load in the water before production starts by heating the water to 65ºC/149ºF when filling the tub.

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The interface of the Air Scalder 1050

Easy Control of the Scalding Process

The scalding process can be monitored and controlled from an intuitive touchscreen on the control panel. Production settings are easily adjusted and the current process status can be continuously observed on the screen. Alarms will notify the operator if settings are off track.

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