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Automatic Lubrication of Roller Chains

UniLoad Reception System

Maximize Roller Chain Lifetime

Manual lubrication takes time and is associated with human inaccuracy, while planned, automatic lubrication removes repetitive work and ensures constant high maintenance. Continuous and correct maintenance is the key to equipment longevity. Therefore, we offer our customers an upgrade to their existing UniLoad reception system that helps them save time and optimize their roller chain lifetime.

Lubrication of Critical Machines

The Automatic Lubrication System is applied for the lubrication of the roller chains on critical machines within the UniLoad reception system:

  • Module stacker‍
  • Module destacker
  • CAS Pit System
  • Module Filling Unit
  • Module Emptying unit
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Forklift unloads UniLoad drawers from a truck

The Lubrication Process

Before lubricating, the system removes loose particles from the chain by use of compressed air. Only then, the system lubricates the chain with food-approved oil. The oil is mixed with air for improved penetration, and lubrication is carried out with the chain in motion to obtain a consistent and even result. The Automatic Lubrication System can be delivered with an oil type that is particularly suitable for the process.

Avoid Manual Labour

By automating the lubrication process, manual labour
is eliminated, thereby also removing uncertainty about thoroughness and human mistakes. Another important gain is work safety: no employees have to crawl around the equipment lubricating hard-to-reach areas.

Stunned rooster in close-up
Forklift unloads UniLoad drawers from a truck

Low Oil Consumption

A cabinet is mounted for each unit that is included in the Automatic Lubrication System. From this cabinet, hoses for air and oil run to the different lubrication sections on the unit. The cabinet doses the correct amount of air and oil to the lubrication point through the hoses. By applying the exact amount needed for optimum lubrication, the oil consumption is always minimized.

Monitor Lubrication from a Screen

The lubrication points (Module Destacker, Module Emptying Unit, Module Stacker, Module Filling Unit and Gas Stunner) can easily be monitored from a screen and alerts are received if lubrication is missing.

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Need Automatic Lubrication?

Contact your local BAADER office to receive more details about the Automatic Lubrication System.


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