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Single-tier Air Chilling

Clean Air Chilling

Ensure High Yield, Quality and Shelf Life

The chilling process heavily influences the product appearance, yield performance and shelf life. In the Clean Air Chilling tunnel the birds are conveyed through several chambers, where cold, clean air is circulated to cool the meat. Each chamber has its own temperature and humidity to best control the chilling process and protect the meat quality. The result is a high-quality product with no added moisture and a strong flavour.

Clean Air Chilling


  • Fast air chilling without freezing the extremities
  • Long shelf life
  • Single-layer design prevents cross-contamination caused by dripping
  • Ambient air is filtrated to keep the circulating air inside the tunnel clean
  • Easy cleaning of chilling room as dripping on structural beams is avoided
  • Reduced weight loss through fast sealing of the skin’s surface
  • No manual rehanging needed
A vast number of chicken hanging in chilling tunnel

Keep the Chilling Process In-Line

In the Clean Air Chilling tunnel, the product is cooled to the desired core temperature by clean, cold air as it passes through the tunnel hanging in the overhead conveyor. Rehanging to the chilling line can be done automatically on a transfer machine to avoid manual operations.

Achieve Fast Chilling

Inside the cooling tunnel, the cold airflow is directed through the cavity opening of each bird to achieve a fast cooling from the inside. At the same time, the cold air is distributed over the bird’s surface to seal in the meat juices. After exiting the air chill process, the birds remain very pliable and do not have any ice build-up on the extremities of the body. Excellent for cut-up or whole bird pack out.

Several chicken hanging in chilling tunnel
Several Chicken meat on plates

Provide Safe Food

No cross-contamination caused by dripping occurs as the Clean Air Chilling design is single-layered. Only the maturation area is designed with multiple levels as birds are dry and no longer drip. A single-layer chill room is easier to clean as only the floor needs washing. There is no washdown of structural beams required.

The Filtration System that Keeps the Air Clean

Ambient air is filtered and cooled through the evaporators before being directed back through the plenum throughout each zone.

Ventilators in a rowShackles in a row

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