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Efficient Evisceration of Hens

Eviscerator 216

Removing the Visceras from Spent Layer Hens

Processing spent hens for meat products is a sustainable and profitable use of birds that can no longer be used for laying eggs. The Eviscerator 216 effectively removes the complete viscera package by introducing a specially designed spoon into the abdominal cavity of the bird. The pack is completely removed from the bird in a single, accurate action that minimizes injuries to the ribcage and the edible giblets.

Eviscerator 216


  • Efficient and complete removal of giblets, intestines and lungs
  • Adjustable to fit varying flock sizes
  • Possibility of synchronized inspection
  • Reduced bird contamination
  • Easy equipment washdown
  • High reliability and low operating costs
  • Profitable use of spent layer hens

Spoons of the Eviscerator in close up

Preparing Hens for Consumption

The Eviscerator 216 has an excellent evisceration efficiency rate. After removal, the pack can be conveyed to a desired position and dropped for veterinarian inspection or subsequent pack handling. The bird is left clean and ready for further processing.

Reduce Cross-contamination During Evisceration

Cross-contamination during evisceration is minimized by removing the pack completely without any further contact with the bird. Furthermore, the Eviscerator 216 ensures a high rate of intact gall bladders. The spray cabinet mounted on the machine washes the spoons between each cycle in order to further limit the transfer of bacteria from one bird to another.

Eviscerator machine with spoons around it and a spray cabinet
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