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Balance Stunning Efficiency and Product Quality

Water Stunner 032

Safeguarding Animal Welfare during Stunning

A small footprint and low cost of ownership make electric water bath stunning an attractive solution for poultry processors worldwide. The Water Stunner 032 offers multiple adjustment features to obtain an optimal relationship between current, voltage and resistance. The result is effective stunning that induces immediate unconsciousness and protects meat quality.

Water Stunner 032


  • Instant and efficient electrical stunning
  • Easy adjustment of current, voltage and resistance
  • Dynamic voltage stabilisation for optimum meat quality
  • Complies with strict animal welfare regulations
  • Real-time process verification function with data logging
  • Out of current range alarm
  • Remote monitoring and control via HMI screen
  • Calibrated from factory
  • Suitable for all broiler sizes
Several chickens with shackles laying on breast comforter

Keep the Birds Calm

Use a breast comforter to keep birds calm from the point of shackling to stunning. The physical contact between the Breast Comforter and the chicken’s breast, which contains many nerve endings, contributes to relaxation. Comforted and relaxed birds entering a correctly adjusted water stunner will instantly and effectively reach unconsciousness.

Spacious Tub to Prevent Damage

The water stunner is used to stun broilers and turkeys in a live weight range from 300 grams to 25 kilos. The stunner is available in different lengths to suit different line speeds. Good tub depth and width ensure effective stunning of varying flock sizes and correct immersion of birds. The wide stunner tank prevents wing damage.

A long tank with shackles
An electrode

Uniform Stunning Performance

An electrode the full length and width of the tub ensures a uniform electrical charging of the water. The electrode can be lifted for easy cleaning.

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A yellow light beside Water Stunner

Effortless Stunning Control

The Water Stunner 032 is easily managed from a control panel. The panel provides a full process overview and allows for easy set up on an integrated touch screen. Predefined recipes containing all process settings allow for seamless flock change.

The electrical key parameters are logged and displayed on the panel screen. If the programmable settings reach outside specifications,  an alarm will give the operator a visual and audible notification. Selected parameters are logged for continuous compliance documentation : date, time, voltage setting, frequency setting, actual voltage, actual frequency and actual current.

Bird shackles behind window

Safety Measures on the Water Stunner

Safety is paramount on the Water Stunner 032. The machine is designed to prevent operators touching the electrified water by accident and equipped with several safety features, such as emergency stops, magnetic hatch switches and light indicators showing the system status.

Several chicken hanging on shackles

Multiple adjustment features provide an optimal balance between current, voltage and resistance. This ensures animal welfare and protects carcass quality.

Transparent door half open let access to shackles

Transparent safety doors allow the evaluation of the stunning process. The doors can be easily be opened during cleaning and maintenance.

Bulb looking water level control

Automatic water level control ensures a constant and correct water height inside the tub

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