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Foot Processing that Adds Value to Chicken Feet

Foot scalding, skinning and chilling

Turn Chicken Feet into a Delicacy

Foot processing is an important and growing part of business for poultry processors worldwide. To meet our global customers‘ processing needs, we offer a variety of equipment that enables our customers to convert chicken feet into a quality product ready for local consumption or export.

Foot Processing


  • In-line processing of chicken feet
  • Designed to handle all sizes of chicken feet
  • Flexible layouts to meet processing requirements and space limitations
  • Fast evacuation of feathers into the offal channel
  • Fast product preparation and guaranteed freshness
  • Easy maintenance and equipment was-down
Chicken feet on assembly line

Flexible Solution Design

The complete Foot Processing System consists of foot unloading, foot scalding, foot deskinning, chilling, manual inspection and packing. The processing equipment handles all sizes of chicken feet and can be configured in different layouts to meet processing requirements and space limitations. In-line processing of chicken feet ensures fast preparation of the edible product and chilling immediately after scalding. That way freshness is guaranteed and bacterial growth is prevented.

Effective Foot Scalding

The Foot Scalder 382 prepares the feet for effective deskinning by softening and loosening the skin. The machine is equipped with a closed heating system that recirculates the water or the steam used to heat the water inside the tub. The heat distribution is uniform and effective, and the recirculation system offers operational savings as water or steam only needs to be reheated to the preferred scalding temperature.

Bonnet of foot processing machine in close up
Rubber fingers of foot skin remover in close up

Complete Removal of the Foot Skin

The yellow skin on the feet is effectively removed on the Foot Skin Remover 392 through the centrifugal action of the rotor fitted with rubber fingers. The rotating movement of the shaft removes the skin while the feet are flushed with water from the nozzle pipes.

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Deskinned feet coming out of tube

Cold Feet

When the deskinning process is completed, the feet can be automatically conveyed to the Spiral Chiller 424, which provides fast and efficient washing and cooling of the feet.

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