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Live Bird Handling

Safe and efficient transport of your birds

Protect Your Live Bird Intake

Transporting live birds from the farm to the processing plant means moving the birds from a safe environment to new unfamiliar places. Animal welfare must be a main focus throughout bird handling, and environmental stress must be minimized during catching, transport, lairage and processing. What is good for animal welfare is also good for product quality.

In addition to animal welfare, there are a number of factors included in good live bird management that must be taken into account when choosing a live bird handling system. What transport and processing capacities do you need? What particular farm conditions do you face? What truck facilities are available? Do you need to live up to specific legal regulations? How much automation do you wish to implement? What biosecurity measures do you need to look into? And maybe most importantly, how do you minimize the risk of product quality loss during live bird handling?

Design Based on Your Requirements

When choosing a new live bird handling system, the list of requirements is long, the decision making is complex and a wrong decision can have major consequences. More than 25 years of developing and installing live bird handling systems worldwide makes BAADER a well-prepared and skilled partner capable of analysing your requirements and guiding you in the decision process.

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The Automation that Fits Your Plant

Different farm and market conditions give rise to different automation levels. We offer you the opportunity to choose between different live bird handling systems with different degrees of automation in the catching process, in the lairage and reception area, in destacking and stacking, and in washing and disinfection.

Live Bird Handling Solutions

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

Birds are conveyed through increasing CO² levels to induce unconsciousness.
UniLoad Live Bird Handling

UniLoad Live Bird Handling

Unique drawer and module system that offers high truck load, great configurability and the highest animal welfare standards.
Crate Handling System

Crate Handling System

Complete crate handling system that automates live bird handling in the reception area.


Efficient and highly reliable drawer and module system that increases productivity and animal welfare.

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