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Automatic Transfer from Slaughter to Evisceration

Transfer Machine 102

Accurate Line Synchronization to Increase Transfer Efficiency

The Transfer Machine 102 automatically transfers birds from the slaughtering line to the evisceration line. The birds are released from the slaughtering line by cutting their feet with a built-in cutting unit and rehung in the hock joint on the evisceration line.

Transfer Machine 102


  • Accurate synchronization ensures high rehanging performance
  • Transfer between lines with different shackle spacing
  • Models available to transfer from one slaughtering line to two evisceration lines
  • Instantaneous and automatic bypass in the event of a stoppage on either line
  • Available for a wide range of capacities
  • Hock cutting that minimizes bone cutting
  • Equipped with automatic bypass to prevent injuries to the birds in the event that either line is stopped
  • Solid machine construction and reliable operation
Deskinned chicken legs

Adjustable Leg Cutting

The leg cutting unit can be adjusted in height, horizontally and in angle to accommodate changing flock sizes and adjust the hock joint cut.

Efficient Transfer Rate

The transfer machine is driven directly by the slaughtering and evisceration line, and the line speeds are synchronized by the control system. The accurate line synchronization ensures high rehanging performance and protects against downgrades.

A coil with several shackles
Chicken carcasses on shackles

Wide Weight Range at All Speeds

The Transfer Machine 102 is suitable for a wide weight range at all speeds. The machine is offered as a left or right model and comes with different sized inlet and outlet shafts with a different number of units.

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Transfer Machine 102 Overview

Transfer machine in cross section with lines showing the chickens pathway
  1. Slaughter line inlet
  2. Feet cutting and transfer of birds to the centre shaft
  3. Feet transported to unloading
  4. Outlet to evisceration line

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