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Effective Evisceration and Pack Presentation

Eviscerator 210

Firm Positioning Protects Quality During Pack Removal

The Eviscerator 210 automatically removes the viscera package in one smooth movement and positions it on the back of the bird for easy veterinary inspection and giblet harvesting. During removal of the package, the bird is firmly positioned using leg loops and breast plates. Firm positioning optimizes removal performance and minimizes organ damage.

Eviscerator 210


  • Efficient pack removal
  • Firm bird positioning ensures correct processing and minimum liver damage
  • Easy pack inspection and giblet harvesting
  • Giblet package ready for manual harvesting
  • Machine height adjustability facilitates production of varying flock sizes
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Drawing spoons and hydraulic jack of Eviscerator 210

Adjustable to Fit Varying Flock Sizes

The drawing spoon is guided through the cavity opening to the crop cavity from where it retracts the intestines and giblets. The machine is supplied with a hand-operated stainless steel hydraulic jack to raise and lower the main shaft of the machine to accommodate flock variations and to disengage the machine from the line for cleaning and maintenance.

Keep the Machinery Clean

At the end of each cycle, all parts in direct contact with the product are rinsed with water in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The open machine construction ensures a fast and easy washdown.

A Round Eviscerator machine with drawing spoons
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