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Versatile, Automatic Skinning of Poultry Products

Poultry Skinner 625

Reliability and High Yield in Poultry Skinning

The Poultry Skinner 625 removes skin and undesired fat from chicken breast fillets (single and butterfly), whole legs and thighs. The controlled, light pressure on the product during skin pulling protects the final quality.

Poultry Skinner 625


  • Consistent, high-quality skinning performance
  • Waterless skinning
  • Flexible set-ups allow for maximum yield or maximum trim configurations
  • Simple to operate, disassemble and clean
  • No daily adjustments required
  • Robust design provides for low maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • Open frame design and unobstructed skin discharge for easy conveyor integration
  • Available in 305 mm (12”) and 610 mm (24”) widths to suit plant requirements
  • Timing belt drive system

Skinning Without Meat Loss

The product can be fed into a single- or dual-lane machine configuration to suit plant layouts.The skin is removed in one piece, leaving the membrane undamaged. No water is needed during processing but can be added if desired.

Two hands are holding chicken skin
Pieces of chicken meat on an assembly line

Simple Adjustment Feature to Maintain Performance

A single adjustment ensures a non-compromised skinning performance and further daily adjustments are eliminated.

Poultry Skinner Designed for Easy Washdown and Maintenance

The machine is robust, durable and designed to the highest hygienic standards. Disassembly for cleaning requires no tools.

Chicken meat rolls on assembly line of poultry skinner machine

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