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Flexible Grading and Batching

Stand-alone and customized grading solutions

Meet Your Daily Orders While Reducing Giveaway

Plant profitability highly depends on accurate weighing and grading. The BAADER graders are equipped with weighing decks designed to reduce mechanical ‘noise’ while effective calibration methods decrease interference with the weighing result. Yield is further optimized by our sophisticated software solutions that make sure you reach your daily orders and reduce expensive giveaway.

Stand-alone Graders

Our compact stand-alone graders are simple to install and offer a small footprint while performing highly accurate grading and batching tasks.

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Small Footprint, Big Impact

Our stand-alone graders offer feeding, weighing and sorting in one compact solution that will fit any plant layout. The compact grader is designed for processors with limited space to grade their products or to act as additional capacity during peak production periods. The grader offers a cost-effective and efficient performance of simple grading jobs that will help you increase profitability.

Configurable to Fit Your Production

Our stand-alone graders can be configured to best suit your plant layout and production needs. Your grading requirements will define the length of the weigh deck, if the grader should be dual or single lane, the number of drop stations and the bin types. The configurability means that the stand-alone grader can be designed to handle both whole chickens and cut-up products.

Three bin units of grader machine

Customized Grader Solutions

Complex, multi-product grading and batching jobs require customized solutions. Countless combinations of infeed, weigh deck and sorting systems enable us to compose a solution that will fit your specific production needs.

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Correctly feeding the Grader

High-speed multi-product feeding systems control the infeed distance and speed before weighing and keep track of product types in the packing process. The constant and even distribution to the grader system is a prerequisite for reliable and accurate weighing. We offer several automatic infeed systems to singulate and space your products perfectly before weighing.

Accurate Weighing at all Times

All our graders are equipped with a sophisticated weighing deck featuring a highly robust and tolerant digital load cell with built-in overload protection. The design of the weigh deck minimizes mechanical noise during weight capture and effective calibration further reduces interference during production. Along with our grader equipment we offer highly intuitive and efficient weighing software that enables grading jobs to be monitored, controlled and managed.

Interface of grading machine with screen and buttons
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Ideal Product Combination to Create the Optimum Batch

Based on the product tracking information, the captured weight of the parts and your planned jobs, a variation of product numbers and weights can be produced. The channel will close when a batch is complete and a clear batch light push-button will show the operator that the batch can be removed. Fast, accurate and optimised product flow help you reach your daily orders while keeping giveaway to a minimum.


Breast Cap Deboner 660

Breast Cap Deboner 660

This machine debones wingless breast caps. The automation level is configurable.

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Front Half Deboner 661

Front Half Deboner 661

This front half deboner combines the best of man and machine. It automates the cutting and scraping process, but leaves the fillet harvesting to skilled personnel.

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Breast Deboner 656

Breast Deboner 656

This BAADER bestseller automatically debones front halves with or without wings.

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Thigh Filleting System 632

Thigh Filleting System 632

The Thigh Filleting System 632 is able to process 14,000 legs per hour while keeping the leg in a standard ProFlex Premium Cut-Up shackle.

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