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Vision-based Quality Grading


Whole Bird Quality Grading for Production Optimization

The natural variability that occurs in the live bird intake challenges poultry processors when it comes to using each bird optimally and meeting customer orders. It takes a real-time classification system combined with complex software algorithms to ensure optimal bird distribution. ClassifEYE® is an automated, in-line vision inspection system designed to grade the whole bird by evaluating the sum of detected defects on each bird. Automatic defect detection at high processing speed ensures a consistent and objective quality determination. No human interface during classification is needed.

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  • Advanced camera technology to accurately determine whole bird grade
  • Best use of each bird according to quality and weight
  • Early flock quality insights for fast production planning adjustments
  • Real-time defect monitoring to immediately correct upstream processing
  • Easy set up of quality grade thresholds
  • Captures a wide variety of defects
  • Four-camera system to avoid blind spots
  • Fully integrated into the process line
  • Consistent and objective quality grading

Several shackles mounted on Cut-Up machine

Intelligent Bird Distribution

In a modern poultry plant, each bird can be processed in many ways depending on market needs. Sales orders place great demands on production planning to optimize the use of each bird and satisfy customers.It is a necessity to know each bird’s characteristics and distribute accordingly. The ClassifEYE® vision system integrates with our distribution software to guide the whole bird through further processes and ensure the best use of birds to supply multiple markets.

Combine Weight and Quality Data

By integrating our Weigh Transfer 520 and ClassifEYE® vision system into the processing line, valuable weight and quality information is obtained about the whole bird and associated parts. Weight and quality classification can be used to distribute each bird to downstream processes: whole bird packing, standard cut-up, deboning or food service. It ensures the best use of each bird and it allows a single line processor to supply multiple markets.

Chicken carcass hangs on buffer wheel
Chicken carcass on shackles going through machine on rails inspected by cameras

Four Cameras to Avoid Blind Spots

Once a mechanical separation of the birds has been made and the cameras have free access to each bird’s surface, our four-camera solution provides you with a 360° view of bird quality. The two side cameras will detect wing pit bruises and injuries on both sides of the bird and prevent blind spots during defect detection.

An overview image of the Buffer Transfer 138

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