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Scalding with a Powerful Downward Water Flow

Turbo Scalder 1070

Scalding with a High and Uniform Heat Transfer Rate

The Turbo Scalder 1070 is designed to offer the highest heat transfer rate without causing damage to the skin or breast meat. The powerful downward water current ensures full immersion and effectively opens the entire feather pack to facilitate water penetration.

Turbo Scalder 1070


  • High heat transfer efficiency
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Suitable for all line speeds and product ranges
  • Fast scalding
  • Real-time monitoring of the scalding process
  • Minimal energy and water use
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Automatic pasteurization cycle
Basin with water

Energetic Water Movement

High water velocity around the product maximizes heat transfer to the follicles and loosens the feathers.The Turbo Scalder 1070 opens the entire feather pack and avoids dry feathers in well-feathered regions, e.g. the back and sides. Uniform and effective scalding is a prerequisite for obtaining a high picking performance without whitening the breast meat.

Easy Control of the Scalding Process

Water level and temperature are easily controlled on a touch panel or even remotely to stay in control at all times. From the touchscreen, the operator can comfortably choose between multiple preset recipes to best fit the programmed production.

Interface showing status of the Turbo Scalder 1070
Manhole with scuttle on the side of Turbo Scalder

Reduce Cross-contamination

Large manholes are placed on each side of the scalder to allow for easy access during cleaning and maintenance. Automatic pre-production pasteurization effectively reduces the bacterial load in the water before the next processing batch. When filling the tub with water before daily production start, the water is heated to 65ºC/149ºF to eliminate bacteria whereafter cold water is added to reach the required scalding temperature.

Basin with water
Orange cylinder
Chicken carcass dipped in water
A red button
Two blue scuttles
Three units connected with cables
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