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Careful and Hygienic Evisceration

Eviscerator 218

Consistent Evisceration Performance at High Processing Speed

The Eviscerator 218 efficiently removes the complete viscera package at all line speeds. The pack is transferred to a separate overhead conveyor to avoid faecal contamination from the intestines to the carcass. The overhead giblet conveyor system is designed to transfer the viscera package directly to manual or automatic giblet harvesting.

Eviscerator 218


  • Reliable pack removal for all capacities
  • Complete separation of package and bird to avoid cross-contamination
  • High pack transfer efficiency
  • Giblet package prepared for comfortable, synchronized inspection
  • Giblet package ready for manual or semi-automatic harvesting
  • Adjustable to process a wide flock size range
  • Firm positioning and adaptable spoon sizes ensure precise processing and product quality

See How the Eviscerator 218 Works

Backplates of Eviscerator 218 in close up

Firm Positioning to Protect Quality

Leg loops and breast plates firmly position each bird before evisceration. The Eviscerator 218 is equipped with special designed backplates featuring adjustable neck guides holding the neck firmly while the spoon enters the cavity to grasp the oesophagus. The long gut lock ensures the correct removal of intestines and gizzard.

Keep Your Evisceration Process Flexible

Adjusting the evisceration machine to fit the actual flock size allows for complete pack removal, protecting the pack and the ribcage, and minimizing contamination with gall or faeces. The Eviscerator 218 can be height adjusted and spoons come in different sizes to provide the most efficient evisceration. The machine is equipped with a quick spoon release that makes adjustment easy between flocks.

28 spoons arranged in different sizes
A man is holding and inspecting a chicken while several chickens are hanging in front of him

Hygienic Processing Provides Safe Food

Package and bird are synchronized for inspection and a user-friendly overhead switch selection function can be activated to drop the package and/or bird for further assessment. By using an overhead clip system, the package is positioned and presented for inspection in a comfortable and manageable way, and prepared for manual or automatic giblet harvesting.

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Monitor with red switch underneath

Monitor Evisceration Performance Closely

The performance monitor is used to monitor the pack transfer performance on the Eviscerator 218. It presents the following information on a stand-alone controller:

  • The percentage of successfully transferred giblet
    packs per unit (evisceration spoon)
  • The total percentage of successfully transferred giblet
    packs from the Eviscerator 218 to the giblet overhead
    clip conveyor
  • Programmable alarm to indicate when performance
    drops below predefined setting
  • Total bird count for a given time period
  • Total giblet pack count for a given time period

The operator can predefine a minimum performance for
the total machine transfer performance. When performance drops below this setting, an alarm is shown on the controller.

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