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Multi-tier Air Chilling

Air chilling

Quickly Bring the Core Temperature Down

Cold air is an effective way to cool down the carcass temperature while the product stays on the overhead conveyor. In the Multi-tier Air Chilling system, cold air is circulated to cool the meat, resulting in a strong flavour and less chance of contamination compared to immersion chilling.

Multi-Tier Air Chilling


  • Fast chilling to desired core temperature
  • Automatic, in-line chilling and maturation
  • Preserves meat flavour and texture
  • Moisturizing technology to ensure product quality and keep the weight loss to a minimum
  • Multiple tiers ensure small footprint air-chilling
  • Easy temperature management
  • Alternating tier position to reduce cross-contamination caused by dripping
Chicken carcasses hanging on shackles in layers

Keep the Chilling Process In-line

Automatic transfer to an in-line air chilling line will reduce product handling and bacterial growth. Using line speed, tunnel length and air flow, the solution will bring products to a predefined deep core temperature. By designing the air chilling solution with several tiers, the overall footprint is reduced to a minimum. The position of the birds in the different tiers alternates to reduce the risk of dripping.

Control Humidity and Maintain Yield

When circulating cold air around the carcasses, the meat temperature is quickly reduced. To avoid drying the surface, a water spray system can be used. When a bird is detected on the line, the system releases a sprinkle of water around the product. The additional humidity will keep the weight loss down.

Chicken carcasses in close up
Chicken meat on wood plates with coriander

Maintain the High Quality

Air-chilled chickens are cooled individually, which reduces the amount of bacteria spreading among products during chilling. Furthermore, as the product is not subject to added water, air chilling is known to preserve the true flavour and meat texture. During cooking, there is no excess water to steam out and the weight loss is minimal.

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