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Scalding Solutions for Optimum Quality and Yield

Loosening the feathers and preparing for efficient picking

Immersion Scalding with Powerful Water Penetration

Effective defeathering starts with good scalding. In our immersion scalders, hot water penetrates deeply into the follicles to loosen the feathers before the picking process. To meet local and individual scalding needs, our scalders are built modularly and equipped with control and monitoring features that will ease daily production.



Soaked feathers of chicken

Soaked to the Skin

Fast immersion into the hot water optimizes the scalding process, enables efficient loosening of feathers and smoothens the picking process. Our scalding solutions ensure fast and uniform soaking of the complete feather package to avoid dry areas that will be hard to pick afterwards.

Reduce Energy Consumption

We work to make the scalding process more sustainable by adopting new technologies that can help our customers to reduce water and energy consumption. Our scalders are designed to recover and recycle hot water and to reduce the heat loss to a minimum.

Three units for recycling hot water
Two scuttles of steel

Minimize Cross-contamination

The ability to effectively clean the scalder tub and fight pathogen contamination is essential to healthy poultry production. We design our scalders for easy access during cleaning and maintenance. Automatic pre-production pasteurization further reduces the bacterial load in the water. By conveying the carcasses in counter flow through several scalding tanks, we obtain cleaner products as the bacterial load in the water will gradually reduce.

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Tub with water in close up

Chose the Scalder that Fits Your Market

We offer two types of immersion scalders: the Turbo Scalder 1070 and the AirJet Scalder 1050. Both models perform uniform and effective scalding and can be used individually or in combination.

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