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IPPE 2024

Jan 30 – Feb 01 2024 Atlanta, USA Booth C29159

Ride the Digital Wave

Dive into the digital era reshaping the food industry with our vision for smart poultry processing. Our approach integrates cutting-edge technology with a strong emphasis on data capture, performance monitoring, and real-time notifications.

The Exhibited Equipment

Alongside our digital solutions, we will also present our latest equipment designed to achieve peak processing efficiency in both slaughter and evisceration.

Discover Beyond Poultry: General Food Solutions

Discover Beyond Poultry: General Food Solutions

At our booth you will have the chance to explore our General Food solutions, catering to industries beyond poultry processing, e.g., innovative grading solutions and the world-renowned BAADERING technology applicable in various food processing industries.


Optimize Every Step of Processing

Optimize Every Step of Processing

This year at the BAADER booth, we are showcasing the potential of digital solutions, with a focus on Smart Slaughtering and Smart Evisceration. Explore continuous monitoring, high product quality, maximum yield, and optimal value extraction from each bird. Throughout our booth, we combine some of our latest equipment developments with a digital overlay, including AI-powered vision technology, easy machine diagnostics and flock reporting.
BAADER Amplifies Digital Expertise with Emydex

BAADER Amplifies Digital Expertise with Emydex

BAADER recently acquired a majority stake in Emydex Technology, enhancing BAADER’s digital expertise. We proudly share our stand at IPPE with Emydex and extend an invitation to you to visit our combined display of digital competencies. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Emydex Technology stands as a global leader in providing Factory Floor Software systems to food processing companies worldwide. Emydex’s Traceability Reporting, Quality Control, and Production Management Software is operating in over 150 food processing plants, in 18 countries, attesting to their widespread adoption and effectiveness.

As you navigate the BAADER booth, engage with our processing and digital experts, and witness live demonstrations. We encourage you to contemplate how these innovations can seamlessly integrate into your own operations, ensuring a prosperous future for your business. See you at IPPE 2024

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BAADER processing experts and sales contacts will be available on the booth to explain all the details about the featured equipment. We can schedule a meeting in advance.

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