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Stand-Alone Food Service Solution

MultiCut 30

Compact Portioning System for Food Service

MultiCut 30 is a manually loaded compact portioning system for food service cut-up designed to cut up to 1500 birds per hour (ranging from 1050 to 1350 grams) into eight or nine pieces according to machine model. After cut-up, all parts from the same bird are released and can be conveyed away from the machine.


  • Manual loading, automatic and consistent cutting
  • Circular, compact system with small footprint
  • The rotating module ensures correct bird positioning before cutting
  • Quickly adjustable to ensure precise cutting
  • Eight or nine piece cut-up fit for food service
  • Easy machine set-up
  • Approved by the United States Department of Agriculture

Eight or Nine Pieces

The MultiCut 30 is offered in two models:

  • Model 690-000 is designed to cut the whole eviscerated bird into eight pieces: two half breasts with back, two thighs with back, two drumsticks and two whole wings
  • Model 690-100 is designed to cut the whole eviscerated bird into nine pieces: one keel, twoquarter breasts with back, two thighs with back, two whole wings and two drumsticks

The Cuts

The MultiCut 30 performs the following cuts:

  • Wing cuts: one wing after the other is separated from the carcass through the shoulder joint. Each wing contains a circular portion of breast meat after cutting (silver dollar)
  • Pre-cut and keel cut: cutting off the keel breast piece when performing 9-piece Food Service cut-up
  • Split cut: splits the chicken lengthwise into two halves
  • Cross cut: cutting off the remaining breast piece (half breasts when 8-piece/breast quarters when 9-piece)
  • Drumstick cut: drumsticks are separated from the thighs through the knuckle of the knee joint

The Products on the MultiCut 30

8-piece cuts

  1. 1  2 x whole wings
  2. 2  2 x thighs with back
  3. 3  2 x half breasts with back
  4. 4  2 x drumsticks

9-piece cuts

  1. 1  2 x whole wings
  2. 2  2 x thighs with back
  3. 3  2 x quarter breasts with back
  4. 4  1 x keel
  5. 5  2 x drumsticks

Firm Positioning Before Cutting

An important feature of this machine is the rotating module. The module locks the bird in such a way that cutting is performed with a high degree of accuracy. As the turn table revolves along the stationary cutting stations, each module indexes into the right cutting position for the previously mentioned cuts. The bird is thereby correctly positioned before each cut and firmly held by the legs and the wings during the cutting process. To further ensure cutting precision, the leg loop cam and blade heights can be adjusted to fit the bird size being processed.

Safe Working Environment

The machine is equipped with five removable protective covers and the machine will stop immediately if any of the protective covers are removed during production. A safety arm is located before the module closing ramp and is connected to a switch - if pushed, the machine stops. If a motor overload occurs, the “MotorOverload” indicator light will switch on. As a security for correct cutting, a reset indicator will light up if any of the modules do not close properly after loading the birds. For safe cleaning, a lock is provided on each module to prevent the opening of a module.

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