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Versatile Food Service Cut-Up

Living up to tight weight and quality requirements

Significant Growth Forecast for the Food Service Market

Busy lifestyles encourage consumers worldwide to change their eating habits, as they tend to invest less time in meal moments and the preparation that comes with them. Modern consumers increasingly skip traditional homemade meals and replace them with a quick bite – often on the run or doing other tasks while eating. To meet the changing consumer habits, the food service industry is growing rapidly. In fact, the US-based market research company ‘Research and Markets’ predicts the global food service industry to grow at an annual rate of 5.4% and reach $4.3 trillion by 2027. Poultry meat will undoubtedly make up a large part of the consumed products as the meat is popular in most of the world and easily transformed into tasty snacks and fast food products.

Forklift unloads UniLoad drawers from a truck

High Speed In-Line Processing

Poultry processors wanting to ride the global food service wave must meet the tight weight and quality requirements of the food service chains with which they team up. For fully automated processing plants, an in-line vision system can detect quality grades at high speed while individual bird weight can be captured on a weighing transfer machine or an in-line weighing bridge. Together, weight and quality determine whether a whole bird is fit for food service cut-up, and advanced production software algorithms will define the optimal distribution.

Fill Any Bucket

The BAADER ProFlex cut-up systems can be designed to provide the exact cutting requirements set by the common food service chains in different countries around the world whether it is the traditional eight or nine-piece cut or 10, 11 or 12-piece cuts required by some Asian chains.

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Forklift unloads UniLoad drawers from a truck

Flexibility to Serve Various Chains

Multiple cuts from multiple food service chains can be achieved on the same cut-up line. Due to the modular design of the system, it is easy to add further cutting units such as a Fat Remover or a Tail Cutter. Optionally, the line can be equipped with a synchronized food service conveyor to collect all parts from one bird and transport them to a subsequent packing machine.

Easy Entrance to the Food Service Market

The MultiCut 30 is a stand-alone food service cut-up device in a compact design that will fit any processing plant. With a modest size of 2.4 times 2.6 meters, this machine can produce either eight or nine piece cuts and open a door to the attractive food service market.

Stunned rooster in close-up

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Vision system designed to detect quality defects on the whole bird and assign a quality grade.
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TrueWeigher 707

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Breast Deboner 656

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