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BAADER Made a Splash with Smart Poultry Processing at IPPE Atlanta

Atlanta, USA
5 Feb

Atlanta, Feb. 5, 2024 – BAADER, a leading innovator in food processing technology, draws an particularly positive conclusion from its participation in this year's International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, showcasing a new era in smart poultry processing. Under the theme "Smart Processing, Sustainable Business", BAADER has demonstrated how its state-of-the-art digital solutions are transforming the food industry with advanced data analytics and real-time operational insights.

In particular, BAADER owner and CEO of BAADER Global SE, Petra Baader, took the opportunity to engage in intensive dialogue with the US and Canadian customers of BAADER. In addition, together with the BAADER Poultry Management she was able to intensify contacts with Latin American partners at the IPPE, following the opening of BAADER's Latin American hub in Querétaro, Mexico, a couple of days before the IPPE in the presence of government representatives.

Already the first day at the IPPE was a complete success, with numerous intensive discussions with customers about future joint projects. CEO BAADER Poultry, Dr Norbert Engberg, sums up: “Our expertise in data analytics empowers us to lead and shape industry trends, pushing the boundaries of efficiency, traceability, and transparency. Our vision is to optimize food resource utilization, balancing profitability with sustainability, and providing solutions that resonate with the needs of tomorrow.”

Oliver Hahn, CEO BAADER Food Systems USA Inc. adds “Our participation at the IPPE in Atlanta was a proof to our global influence and reinforces our philosophy of forging long-term partnerships and thinking across generations. We are not just a company; we are a legacy in motion, committed to making a lasting impact on the industry and the world.”

At the heart of BAADER's exhibition was the focus on Smart Slaughtering and Smart Evisceration—pivotal elements in the poultry processing chain. By integrating AI-powered vision technology, simplified diagnostics, and detailed flock reporting, BAADER’s approach promises enhanced product quality, maximized yield, and the realization of the full value potential from each bird processed.

In partnership with EMYDEX Technology, whose majority stake was recently acquired by BAADER, the company is elevating its digital expertise to new heights. EMYDEX's proven Factory Floor Software systems are a testament to its global leadership in providing state-of-the-art traceability, quality control, and production management solutions to the food processing industry.

Beyond poultry, BAADER’s booth also offered a glimpse into the future of general food solutions. Attendees were invited to explore the innovative grading solutions and the revolutionary BAADERING technology, tailored for diverse food processing industries.

Finally, at this year's IPPE in Atlanta, BAADER was able to show visitors how digitalization is redefining food processing - they experienced first-hand the synergy of cutting-edge technology and in-depth industry knowledge.


BAADER is a global leader in food processing solutions with over a century of experience and presence in 100+ countries. Our team of over 1,600 professionals, working in 30 market offices, is dedicated to supporting food processors and protein suppliers worldwide. Traditionally focusing on specialized solutions for Fish and Poultry processing, BAADER has more recently extended its offerings to other industries, transforming food processing through the use of digitalization and data analytics. BAADER’s engineering teams are driven by a desire to build the highest quality food processing machines, delivering sustainability and efficiency. Hygiene and animal welfare are always front of mind in our Product Design.

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